Meet Our Team

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Hamza Bangash

Founder & Creative Director
Hamza Bangash is a Pakistani-Canadian filmmaker and playwright. In 2014, he graduated with a degree in Film and Theatre Studies from Queen’s University. After graduating, Bangash returned to Pakistan to pursue a career in the arts.
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Mohammad Ali Hashmi

Head of Business Development
Mohammad is a savvy businessman with a variety of skills and expertise that have helped him balance the many projects that CityLights develops. As the founder of Improvisation, Karachi’s leading improve troupe, Mohammad is a project leader, and always happy to go the extra mile for clients
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Huzaifa Khan

Head of Production
Huzaifa Khan is a business graduate and an active social worker, with a passion for development and the arts. He has been a part of the core team at CityLights since 2014 and believes in the power of film and theatre to promote socially-driven content in Pakistan. Over the years, Huzaifa has worked with a number of non-profit organizations, under various capacities. In 2013, he founded a free-of-cost, community school, called The Young Patriots Welfare School, inside Karachi’s Neelum Colony.