We specialize in telling unique South Asian stories that have global potential. We create films that screen at prestigious international platforms, selected for their originality, high-quality and daring.

Bhai (2021)

On Pakistan’s independence day, two teenage boys go out to celebrate at a fast food restaurant – when a dancing monkey interrupts.

1978 (2020)

Pakistan, 1978.

Lenny, a rockstar from the Goan-Christian community, is offered the chance to reinvent himself. With Islamic fervor gripping the nation, he must decide if he can change with the times.

Stray Dogs Come Out at Night (2020)

Iqbal, a migrant sex worker, cannot come to terms with his illness. He convinces his uncle to take a day trip to the beach, desperate for respite. The Arabian sea beckons.

Dia (2018)

Mariam is determined to escape her conservative family by pursuing a secret online romance. When her mother suggests an arranged marriage, she refuses, saying she needs time. With the clock ticking, her romance takes a dark twist, revealing the extremes that Mariam will go to keep her relationship alive.

Rang Raaz (2017)

A Hindu-Muslim couple elope one night in Karachi. As day breaks they must reckon with the consequences.